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Welcome to the Florida Painters!

Painting en plein air isn’t just about the beauty we find around us every day, but also capturing the awe of the many unique places we choose to paint here in Florida.

The Florida Painters began with a plein air workshop in 2008 held by artist and mentor, Tom Sadler. The group had such a wonderful rapport, that they vowed to continue meeting to paint as often as possible. Support from each other has allowed each artist to grow into their own style, Painters Groupincrease their skills,
and enjoy laughter
and camaraderie.

Painting is an ever evolving process and this time outdoors affords each artist the ability to study firsthand the way light affects the subject. Though the group presents a mix of styles and accomplishments from beginners to award winners, studio and plein air — the commonality will always remain — the love of painting.

The group has grown over the years, and still The Florida Painters remain committed to excellence in their work, while welcoming “like minded” artists to paint along, or inviting those who simply enjoy watching the process
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“Florida Dry” by Laura Bates
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